Benefits for Builders

Installation benefits of MAXSlab®

MAXSlab® fully insulated concrete foundations provide a variety of benefits on site. The insulation is designed to minimize waste onsite with pre-cut polystyrene that is installed like a jigsaw puzzle.  Any leftover material is taken off site and recycled. 

Ease of Install


The insulation for a MAXSlab® is delivered to site in pre-cut segments and will be installed just like a jigsaw puzzle. Pre-made corners make the installation of the MAXSlab edge profile fast and simple. The only cuts made on site will be those for underfloor drains which protrude through the foundation. Starting around the perimeter, where boxing outlines the outside foundation, the perimeter footings can be laid up against the inside of the boxing. From here, the infill and load bearing thickenings can be placed using the perimeter as a base and the panelplan to specify which piece goes where.  Steel and concrete are then installed as per the engineers specification.


Our products are simple and quick to install.  Typically we would allow 5 days to lay and pour a 200m² MAXRaft slab, allowing time for any inspections required.  Where underfloor heating is specified additional time may be required.

Reduced Concrete

With the insulation through the center of the house, concrete requirements are lower than for traditional slabs. As such, the concrete can often be poured as single pour, and the reduced volume requirements mean that pour is quicker.




Why MAXSlab®

Less Excavation

Excavation requirements are dependant on the ground conditions. Generally all our products are laid directly on top of the ground. 

MAXSlab excavation requirements tend to be minimal and on many sites it is a matter of a simple site scrape to remove topsoil. 


Site Preparation

Site preparation is quick and easy. Once the ground has been levelled and compacted in line with the Geotech report minimal bracing is required. Simply put up boxing around the perimeter and lay the polythene underlayer to 100mm outside the foundation and the MAXRaft® insulation can be installed in a few hours.


MAXRaft slabs are protected following the concrete pour. Our recommended solution is a waterproof plaster system reinfored with mesh. MAXRaft can take care of the plastering requirements or you may choose to coordinate this yourself. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Testing and Code Approvals

We have been through the rigorous CodeMark process and obtained the CodeMark accreditation. Our processes and materials have been independently verified as meeting industry standards.

MAXSlab® - The right choice