Healthier Living

Warm Sustainable and Healthy Living

Improve your Family's Health with MAXSlab® by having a home that has a comfortable temperature all year round.

Homes today need to have more than just an aesthetic pleasantness about them, they need to provide concrete benefits to you and your family. MAXSlab® is designed to help you live in a home with greater levels of comfort, increased energy efficiency and health benefits for you and your family.

Our Codemark certification simplifies the consent process and MAXSlab® will then provide instant benefits to you and your home from the day you move in.

MAXSlab® is the only FULLY insulated slab system available on the market today and is suitable for most ground types.

MAXSpan® - This secondary floor system is set up in a matter of minutes. Made to specifications in the factory it is then simply a case of laying out the tongue and groove joined sheets over propping. Add your pre-specified reinforcing then pour. This product is suitable for all types of secondary floor applications including above garages, decks, and a variety of large-spanning situations.

Foundation insulation is the way of the future